Natural Wooden Toys

0 - 3 Age

Visual Stimulation:
• Colorful toys to stimulate focus and vision
• Mobiles hung above the crib, activity toys that are fastened to the crib

Auditory Stimulation:
• Toys that make sounds such as a music box or rattle

Motor Stimulation:
• Toys for holding that are easy to grasp and lightweight
• Toys that can be suspended above the baby for batting, grabbing and kicking
• Rocking horse and tricycle to improve strength in large muscle groups, and develop balance and spatial perception.
• Lacing beads to enhance manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination

Intellectual Stimulation:
• Picture books, music, and soft hand puppets (held and moved by adults)
• Unbreakable safety mirrors fastened to the crib or playpen
• Colorful picture books read by parents and soft cloth books for the playpen.
• Bath toys such as small cups to teach babies pouring, matching, and colors. Floating toys (boats, ducks, and fish) for creative play at bath time
• Push-and-Pull toys to improve muscle strength, coordination and balance.
• Musical toys such as a xylophone or drum to help them learn the difference between sounds, and to improve fine motor dexterity and hand-eye coordination
• Simple nesting toys such as cups or boxes
• Hammer and Peg toys, for pounding pegs through holes in a frame
• Blocks of different sizes, shapes and colors
• Geometric sorting board to teach shapes and categorization by stacking geometric pieces in the correct positions
• Pretend play toys such as the Circus Set, Activity Bus, or Kitchen Set

Touching and Holding:
• Toys with different kinds of surfaces; smooth, soft, rough
• Safe toys for babies to put in their mouths such as teethers and gummy rings

Muscle Development:
• Push-and-Pull toys and walkers to develop the large muscle groups and aid in balance. Soft balls, stacking cups and boxes to improve fine motor coordination.

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